Ad is not updating computer name

Or, in a terminal, use the following command: I know.that's why you should use the 'hostname' command.I just wanted to clarify, that the 'hostname' command does only change the hostname until you restart/crash/etc.Afterwards it will read the name from the file [email protected] Cl the shell variable is set on startup, just open another shell and the hostname variable should be fine.So we pulled the hard drive out of 0078 and put it in 0071 and then changed the name of this computer within our AD to 0071 (Since the PC name followed the hard drive).Well, since we have put a new hard drive in 0078 and no matter what I try it continues to show up in the asset list as 0071.Hi Ryan, So the computer name is being changed in Windows, yes?When you set up Unattended Support it defaults to the current computer name but does not monitor it going forward as it is only a nickname and can be changed to anything by the technician in the Unattended Support list.

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* Both apps are in the Azure Bin directory (normally C:\Program Files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync\SYNCBUS\Synchronization Service\Bin) * You must use the the service account credentials to fill in the Username and Password when running both applications.Serial Number, ",", ".") manufacturer = replace(obj SMBIOS. Just click the Gear icon (located at upper right corner of the screen), open "About this computer" screen (located at Gear icon ) and edit "Device name".There really is no good way to explain this, so I will do my best and if you have question, please feel free to ask.I had a hard drive crash in a computer (0071) and we had an extra at the time sitting here from another computer (007.In order for this process to work, we will need to allow our authenticated domain users to edit the description values on computer objects.


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