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Successful applications will be notified in writing.Tickets will be available for collection on the date of the visit at the Main Entrance.Typically, four or five adults live in a well appointed home that is owned or leased by HMEA.

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I put up a reasonably nice picture, and in the past few hours I’ve had a total of.. John and Shubham had kindly offered to take on my part of the presentation, or even the full presentation, and honestly I was sorely tempted.

After all, many other teams were presenting with less than their full complement, and there were good reasons to, given the presentation format.

However, as mentioned in What I Hope to Learn in CS3216, I wanted to face down my fears regarding presentations, and I’m really glad I did.

In addition, We Chat confirmed that it does not profit from its customer data in comparison to Facebook.

Adam Segal, Cyber Security Expert, Council on Foreign Relations, confirmed that We Chat itself wasn’t the problem: “Information technology services and software are all fundamentally insecure. Many technologies have some type of vulnerability, and a directed adversary can figure out vulnerabilities to exploit and gather intelligence.” A study by TNS highlighted the average time Chinese Android smartphone users spent using top five social messaging apps.


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