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Ali Soufan was an agent who also served as the bureau's lead investigator of al Qaeda after 9/11.He said bin Laden's son was seen as the next possible leader of the terrorist organization when he was just a child, CBS News reported.(AP Photo/Matt Dunham) According to witnesses, three people in a white van drove erratically across London Bridge striking people, before parking up and proceeding to run through Borough Market area, stabbing numerous people.The perpetrators were apprehended within eight minutes of emergency services receiving the first phone-call.Meanwhile, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Britain's national parliamentary election on Thursday should not be postponed following the attack.Khan said Londoners would see an increased police presence in the city after the deadly incident but there was no reason to panic. Khan also said the official threat level remained at severe, meaning an attack is highly likely.Sidebar:"Tips for the Traveling Terrorist" "Underwear should be the normal type that people wear, not anything that shows you're a fundamentalist." Suggestions lifted from the laptop on how to pass unnoticed in the West.In the autumn of 2001 I was one of scores of journalists who ventured into northern Afghanistan to write about the U. As I crossed the Hindu Kush to cover the fighting for The Wall Street Journal, my journey took what looked like a fatal turn: the battered black pickup truck I had rented—which in its better years had been a war wagon for Afghan gunmen—lost its brakes as it headed down a steep mountain path, careened along the edge of a gorge, slammed headlong into the back of a Northern Alliance fuel truck that was creeping down the mountain, and slid to rest on its side in the middle of the road.

Fighters for al Qaeda were apparently prepared for Donald Trump's first military raid as President, it has been claimed.

Principal among Hamza's messages is his desire for revenge.

'He's basically saying, "American people, we're coming and you're going to feel it.

Meanwhile, the UAE’s central bank has also taken action to prevent access to the UAE financial sector by the Yemeni money exchange company. Szubin, US Acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence said that the actions reflected “the strength of the US partnership with the United Arab Emirates to degrade AQAP's (Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) capabilities to execute violent attacks and to identify and disrupt its financial and support networks.” “Al Omgy Exchange and its owners are responsible for financially facilitating and supporting AQAP and its violent attacks.

Treasury will continue to work with our allies to protect the international financial system by exposing and taking action against AQAP supporters.”According to US officials, AQAP has held accounts with Al Omgy Exchange since 2013, and has increasingly used the company for financial transactions over the course of 2016.


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