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For one thing, much of the state and local welfare spending is subsidized by the federal government.

What’s more American than hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cold beer? “Hot dogs” or frankfurters originated in Frankfurt, Germany, where a similar pork sausage was served. Our traditions and our culinary history are defined by our immigrant culture.

In September 2016, when President Obama signed the Paris Agreement without the input of Congress, he explicitly intended it to be an end run around the Constitution.

In 2015, at the conference which produced the Paris Agreement, Obama’s negotiators sought to phrase the agreement in such a way to avoid the constitutional requirement that treaties be ratified by the Senate.

When the evil lord of dreams, Nightmare, threatens the world with nuclear devastation, only Captain America and Sharon Carter stand against him!

Binding, multilateral treaties that restrict the free market and stifle American innovation harm not only today’s energy generators, but also those of the future.

The hamburger is a deviant of a dish served in Hamburg, Germany in the 1800s. Originated in Egypt and Iran and was spread throughout Europe by German and Celtic tribes. Even formalized barbeque started on the shores of the Caribbean.

Apple pie originated in the Netherlands in the 1500s. While these traditions may have started overseas, they are now woven into the tapestry of our nation.

The work they drive for the company, and the contributions they and our teammates make each day for our customers and each other.

These rankings are another example of the recognition the company continues to receive for strong female leaders and for our continued investment in developing female employees and supporting them to reach their career goals and to make meaningful contributions within our own company and in our communities.


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