Anne curtis dating 2016

My private account was wrongly screencapped and this is becoming ridiculous. "I’m lucky that Erwan treats Jasmine like his own sister. We took down posts because so many people reacted maliciously to them automatically and we didn’t want all of this to happen. "But when you actually meet the one, you just know. "Eto na talaga yun, meant to be." The 31-year-old Kapamilya actress also shared that Erwan couldn’t have chosen a more apt setting than where they got engaged. “Like after a hike and setting up for a picnic over a beautiful view of fall… “It was just so beautiful and charming that we were alone together there.” Anne admitted that she and Erwan preferred to keep their relationship low-profile from the start.But for their wedding, the Kapamilya actress hinted that it’s something that she would like to “share” with the public.It happened last November 2016 at Steep Rock Preserve, a 974-acre preservation known for its hiking trails, in Washington, Connecticut. So, it really didn’t cross my mind that he would propose there. He knew I wouldn’t expect it.” Asked how she knew that Erwan is "The One," Anne said that she instinctively felt the moment he asked her to marry him.She elaborated, "In my mind, I always thought, 'It's gonna happen another year. ' "My career, all the things I wanna do, my bucket list... We love going to places that aren’t super touristy.

While the marriage proposal happened sometime in November this year, former “It’s Showtime” host Coleen Garcia said Curtis broke the news to her close friends only on Saturday."She also briefly clarified the context behind the photo, saying it was an inside joke between parties and that the picture was "wrongly screencapped" online. Calling the whole incident a non-issue, she said that some people reacted maliciously to the post and called out social media users who jumped to erroneous conclusions. It was all an inside joke between my boyfriend, my sister, myself and everyone at the party. It deeply saddens me that such viciousness is being thrown at the people I love. Anne Curtis says her sister Jasmine and boyfriend Erwan Heussaff treat each other like siblings. Photos by Manman Dejeto/Rappler/Instagram/@erwanheussaff MANILA, Philippines – Anne Curtis took to social media to defend her boyfriend Erwan Heussaff and her younger sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith, after a photo of the two of them posted online had many fans talking – even though there wasn't any information available about the picture. Since most of her friends have already gotten married, actress Anne Curtis may have had an inkling that she would be next. It’s so beautiful,” Curtis said of the marriage proposal as she confirmed it on the noontime show “It’s Showtime,” where she is a regular host.


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