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With a curvy figure and tanned skin, she said, "It's like I shattered these guys' expectations of what a beautiful Asian woman should be." in "The Yellow Fever Pages" in 2000, "The fantasy Asian is intelligent yet pliable, mysterious yet ornamental ... she comes from a culture where women traditionally serve men." The problem for both comes down to the damaging power of ethnic stereotypes.

There is no pan-Asian mold for looks, just as there is no Asian rule book for behavior or personality — our personalities are just as complex as our cultural and ethnic differences.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! I know there are more jobs in Seattle but there are also more competitions there. As a 30 year old single women, I am looking for something serious.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. With a decent degree and few years of experience, which city would have a better prospect of jobs? I like that both cities have great music scene and night life.

Ultimately though, the cloudy days and drizzle are still too fresh in my mind.

Raleigh, NC and Nashville were the other two cities that made the cut. I'm not a country fan but there is plenty of Indie stuff too, which is what made Seattle famous in the early 90's.

The tendency of non-Asian men to fetishize Asian women, lusting after their "exotic" appeal or assigning them offensive stereotypes, has turned online dating for Asian women into a minefield of unwanted sexual advances and problematic questions.

Withholding that information at first meeting is key because with that information, people can write people off so quickly," she said in an email to By allowing women to meet men without their ethnicity overshadowing the initial encounter, Siren is admittedly a short-term solution to a wider cultural problem.

The ultimate goal should be to banish negative ethnic stereotypes once and for all.

For Asian women, that includes not reducing a complex person into a fantasy all the while erasing diversity within Asian communities.

“What got me interested in Susie’s idea was that it was a social experiment based on creating a safer online space for women,” Hess stated.

Lee recalled observing a New Year’s Eve that many singles can probably relate to — trying to find a date for the evening.


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