Atreian atlas not updating

- Calendar is updating every day at 9am - Calendar doesn't require the player to reconnect to be updated. - When you receive a reward on one character other characters on the same server can not be compensated again.- Most rewards are not tradeable so choose carefully on which character you claim your gift.Daily Compensation - Compensation paid once a day during the initial connection.- Compensation is in a form of a box, it contains a random item. Cumulative Compensation - This reward is paind for logging in for a specific amount of times.If you purchase a character transfer for any of your characters during this period, each character transferred will receive 100 Luna (800 NCoin value) after the merge in their mailbox.

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Today it's official: will not only do away with subscriptions but will have no account tiers or purchase requirements, unlike the previous European model. Among rewards you can find really valiable objects and regular items for a daily usage. - Your character is going to be automatically checked for potential rewards when you log in.- Click on the calendar icon at the bottom left corner of your screen to identify what kind of gift box you received. - Your character is going to be checked if it deserves a reward why you log in for the 1st time.Invasion Update included new Atreia Pass giving every player rewards just for logging in.There are 3 types of rewards: daily, cumulative and anniversary reward.If you follow the missions laid out in it, you receive rewards for completing them.


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