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It is because she keeps a secret from her classmates: She sells her flesh to pay her school bills.

Sofia works as a GRO (guest relations officer) in an elite night club and offers sexual services to men, mostly foreigners. I will finish my studies no matter what,” she said. According to Julius Bungcaras, head of the International Justice Mission (IJM) Cebu’s Community Mobilization for Churches and Students, 10-15 percent of every 1,000 students (10 out of 100) resort to prostitution.

Rehab programs are designed to identify and alter addictive behaviors.

The frequency of sex, though, is not at all a flattering comment on the Indian libido.Forty-nine per cent women said they had sex between once a week and once in two months.The percentage of those who have sex more than once a week (25 per cent), meanwhile, has dipped from 30 per cent in 2003.Trained specialists and medical professionals are available 24 hours a day to treat sex addicts at these centers. The patient usually attends sessions during the day and then returns home in the evening.Those who have successfully completed inpatient programs often choose outpatient services as a follow-up treatment.Sex-addicted individuals with long-term or serious dependency often receive the greatest benefit from inpatient treatment.


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