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All the men who volunteered used strategies such as sending supposedly ‘magic’ messages that were ‘guaranteed’ to have hundreds of women ‘begging them for sex’ but asa result, women either blocked them or told them where to go!So much for the magical power of those ‘copy and paste’ messages!-What to keep by your bedside to guarantee good morning kisses instead of an order of eggs over-easy for breakfast.-A simple but fun game you can play that makes him want you all year long.

We at Online Dating try to help you in your quest by selecting the best dating books available and summarizing them for you - their content, their strengths, weaknesses and unique features.-Three vital steps to getting him to do any chore willingly and happily.-Four mistakes women with children often make and how it can kill the romance you want and need.-The secret of making nearly every woman you meet green with envy over the way your man treats you.-How to get him to talk about you in a positive manner, even to his friends.EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY STUDENTS obtained dates from those positive responses EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY STUDENTS continue to use these methods and techniques and now have the OPTION of not having to leave their house to attract beautiful women.


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