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Dwarfed by Skype Oo Voo's 11 million users, half in North America, are made up of several key groups: teens and young adults; 65-plus users connecting with family; and young and middle-age professionals using it for both business and personal video chats.

Of course, Oo Voo is dwarfed by competitor Skype, with more than 520 million worldwide users, about 20% of those in the U. Other internet giants such as Google and Yahoo also have video-chat services, along with other standalones such as Pal Talk and Tok Box.

"You get a great ethnographic snapshot of each person in their own house," she said.

"If I'm talking to women in their kitchens, they'll do things like walk over and get products or appliances to show me. You are moving into their turf, so you get a little snapshot of what it really is." That's also the idea behind video-based focus-group alternative Qual Vu, which has conducted far-flung research for Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Kraft, Microsoft and Kimberly-Clark.

"If you're in a bad mood, just get on You Now," says Cierra from Little Rock, Ark.

And it's not just a source of entertainment and support, it's also a revenue generator.

I have d610 and d810 but d300 is on my shoulder most of the time. Photographers take great care in choosing the right gear for a trip.

Review based on a production Nikon D7000 with firmware V1.00, 1.00, 1.002 When it was announced in September the D7000 took a lot of people by surprise.

You Now might be the biggest site you've never heard of. The live-stream broadcasting (aka live-casting) site-slash-app, lets users perform for viewers all over the world, via the cameras on their computers, tablets and smartphones.

Wave Metrix analysis confirmed that the digital space, although presenting a new challenge for brands seeking to distinguish themselves, is not without its uses for marketers aiming to carve out a niche.

In contrast to Nikon's use of Facebook app technology, Olympus’ approach illustrates how the social side of digital media can itself aid differentiation.

The "S" just means it is a model with extra feature tweaks above the base model. Is anyone out there who might have similar feelings for this camera?

I gave my d300 to my daughter but could not depart from it so I bought another used one. Renowned photographer Bill Frakes has been let go as a visiting professor at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln after a sexual harassment complaint filed against him was judged by the university to be credible.


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