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As a Girl Scout, you'll always be trying new things, and learning there’s hundreds of small, powerful ways you can take the lead every single day.You could build a robot, create your own work of art, or climb a wall in the great outdoors.I still don't get what that was about--gender choice in this game has no "lifestyle" implications. But every newborn wing in all of the hospitals in this country would be guilty of the same thing. My analogies can be a stretch at times x DMade a girl toon this afternoon because I wanted the name Calamity Eyes for my wizard, and I noticed while in the dye shop I suddenly had the option of pink.These characters seem almost gender-neutral already. But I guess my point here is that, if KI seems conservative on gender issues (remember the gender-specific gear that came with the Fantasy Palace? Advancement happens on merit, regardless of gender, and no matter who's wearing the pink :-). I then logged, and hopped back on to one of my guy toons. Honestly I probably would only put pink on maybe a handful of the gear I have across all my guy toons, if any at all.

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I’m bloody awful with these things at the best of times. Thank the Lord for said flatmate who clearly has a more interesting sex life than my own and lends me a corset, suspender belt, stockings, heels and a trench to cover it all up.

Is this something they are trying to subliminally instill in to children? Someone posted a suggestion in the Dorms section about offering people the opportunity to change the gender of their wizard, and the reactions were, to my mind, extreme. With relevance to my original post, there is no stigma between girls and the color brown. Or worse; that hue that doesn't aesthetically mix well with anything. And who's to say girl's dont deserve to wear brown? But your addendum is logical and appreciated, as I was only looking at it from one perspective. You are right and the issue applies to both sets of color swaps for both genders, and an answer to any of them would suffice.

People seemed to think that changing an avatar's gender was tantamount to Corrupting America's Youth, Undermining the Sanctity of a Family-Friendly Game, and stuff like that. You can fill in the rest of my point in your head, as I do not intend to bring it up any more blatantly than I have thus far on a forum that children view. You could play devil's advocate and state that I'm the one who is guilty of this or that for noticing that there is an issue in the first place, since clearly i 'only see in black and white,' as may be one way to put it.

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