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December, 2005: Cruise and Holmes reportedly buy a sonogram machine for at-home use, giving Cruise critics — and at this point, they are legion — a new reason to say he’s being crazy.

May 7, 2006: The Post’s Hank Stuever publicly breaks up with Tom Cruise. April 18, 2006: Suri Cruise arrives in the world via a silent birth, prompting responses of “Oh, I guess that’s nice,” and “How could there not have been noise while she was pushing a person out of her? ” (For the record, People noted it was Hebrew for princess.) We get our first glimpse of the princess in a Vanity Fair spread in October of that year. It happens in a medieval castle in Rome, city of those initial smoochy photos, with Snyder and Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith and many other famous people in attendance.

She appeared in 1998's Disturbing Behavior, a thriller, which won her an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance.Per the report, Katie wanted out of her marriage SO badly that she succumbed to an insane agreement essentially dictating the terms of her life for FIVE YEARS.Given Cruise's ties with Scientology, we're not surprised she was supposedly forced into an iron-clad contract!worked like a charm — and the pair hit it off immediately.“They had instant chemistry, and of course she got the role,” the insider says.So cue up Barbra Streisand’s “The Way We Were” and let’s run through some of the highlights of this celebrity couple’s existence via a segment I’ll call “Tom Kat: In Memoriam.” April 29, 2005: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes very publicly declare that they are dating just months after Cruise ended his romance with Penelope Cruz and weeks following the end of Holmes’s engagement to Chris Klein. In her Style column for The Washington Post, she proclaims that the whole thing is an act, one that even her then-14-year-old daughter sees right through.


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