Cursor and updating same records inside cursor


Changes made with this clause affect only the row on which the cursor is positioned. Business Entity ID) ; OPEN complex_cursor; FETCH FROM complex_cursor; UPDATE Human Resources.When a cursor is based on a join, only the (SELECT MAX(Rate Change Date) FROM Human Resources. As promised in the My SQL Cursors and Loops article, this article explores the use of cursors and their role in stored procedure programming.If one of these conditions occurs, the specified statement executes.The statement can be a simple statement such as SET var_name = value, or a compound statement written using BEGIN and END. ************************ Use the select statement below to select duplicated records insert into YOUR_TEMP_TABLE select * from YOURTABLE where rowid in ( select rowid from YOURTABLE minus select min(rowid) from YOURTABLE group by YOURCOLUMN ) ; Put the result into a temporary loading table. Use CURSOR FOR LOOP and then inside it use FOR LOOP.


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