Dating a girl with alot of guy friends

It’s that lack of self-esteem, that lack of belief in yourself or in your inherent value which makes you believe that there’s trouble in the offing. By dating you, she is telling you that the sum totality of who you are means more to her than those other guys out there. You don’t believe that you have value, that you have any worth, so you’re intrinsically saying “I don’t believe you. As soon as I’m not in eyeshot, you’re going to go straight to Dirk Chestmeat.” And you know what? I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen guys try to “win” a girl by trying to perpetually occupy her attention, who believed that the only way to he was going to get her interested in him is if he somehow cockblocked sad when it’s a jealous boyfriend who believes that his presence is the only thing preventing her from cheating on him. This is all your jerk-brain playing Iago to your Othello, telling you that Desdemona to have been schtupping half the guardsman in the barracks. I can guarantee you, you’re not as good about keeping that tension out of your face and voice when you talk to her, that stiffness out of your limbs when you hold her. It doesn’t take very long before fear becomes to wave your insecurity in her face.When me and her had a fight she would of course get support from some 'guy friend' because there are no girlfriends to share 'guy stories' with. As a matter of fact, she probably strikes you as WAY cooler than other chicks.I don't believe men and women can be just friends at all, especially not when you have had sex with them. She seems really interested in what you're talking about, she might even like sports, and just generally be into "guy stuff." Sounds pretty good. I mean, who wouldn't want to be with a woman whom would watch football on Sundays with you?

If you’re a confident guy who doesn’t get jealous easily, then take your chances and explore this new relationship.Just remember to keep calm, and realize you’ve only been in her life for a short time and, although they’re men, they’re her best friends. You might be the girl who has more friends of the opposite sex than average.One day we have to let our friends move on and grow into the lives God has for them—lives that might not include us. A few are able to maintain limited contact even as the guy and girl go their separate ways.This last type of friendship can only be maintained if jealousy is completely off the table.Anyway here's the article woman with no female friends should trigger a huge red flag. She seems cool because she's into all of that, which is okay, but that's not the issue here.


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