Dating a wall street banker

Come on, even in third world countries polygamy is common place, so why can’t you get yourself another wife or 3?

Necessity: Bankers always need to replenish their wife counts.

Posted: , Author: Ahube The investment management division of an investment bank is generally divided into separate groups, often known as Private Wealth Management and Private Client Services.

And youd be right to be suspicious, because this good short description for dating site book does cover three very different industries and as a baby banker in the making you arent interested in all of them, right? Before recommending this outright, know that this is once again for aspiring bankers only. Den of Thieves, by James Stewart Disappointed you didnt graduate in the 80s and into the great decade? Penned by a Kellogg Professor, it too funny online dating opening lines aims to demystify the world of IB for aspiring bankers. Also during the 1990s, some retail brokerages sold consumers securities which did not meet their stated risk profile. It doesnt matter quite as much for summers because its only 8-12 weeks rather than 2-3 years.

So you did your time interning at Goldman or Credit Suisse after your junior year of college, and realized that you just weren't cut out for the finance world.

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Learn financial statement modeling, DCF, M&A, LBO, Comps and Excel shortcuts.*** The New York Times reports on women who have been hit hard by the economic crisis: the wives and girlfriends of bankers.Clinginess, cooking at home, canceled credit cards..."One of his best friends told me that my job is now to keep him calm and keep him from dying at the age of 35," Ms. "It's not what I signed up for." The women have banded together to start an unofficial support group called Dating A Banker Anonymous, which meets once or twice a week in New York for brunch or drinks.They also update the Dating A Banker Anonymous blog, which states their mission thusly: Are you or someone you love dating a banker?If your plan is to mingle with these Type A's over a martini (or three), check out these bars that heavily cater to the Wall Street types.


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