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Other manufactures of the automobile also discovered this market.There were also a number of independent truck manufactures both large and small.It was a Chevrolet CMP (Canadian Military Pattern truck) King George said Canada Provided it's Navy, it's Men and 500,000 Trucks without them we would have lost the War Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) trucks were manufactured with the driver's position on the "wrong" side, in opposition to Canadian traditions, but in accord with British traditions since the British were the primary customers.

Starting to get some more tractors rolling in as some of you play with your toys this summer.

It is still the old R12 freon." Next was a new cab interior, radio and speakers.

Mechanically, Jim says, he had to replace a broken spring in the clutch valve and repaired the three point as it would settle as soon as you shut the tractor off. Jim uses it to grind feed, blade the drive, and move snow. Jim also tells us, "When grandpa bought it, I was working at the dealership he bought it from and it had a turbo on it and he didn't want it so they took it off and it sat in the warehouse.

Once man discovered the automobile he found that it could also be used to move material from one place to another.

The first known truck was built in 1896 by the German automotive pioneer Gottlieb Daimler.


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