Dating and fractionation technique

There are a couple of variations on this technique which is known to the world “outside” the seduction underground.A particularly famous variation of fractionation is known as the October Man Sequence (which was made famous from Neil Strauss’ New York Times bestseller The Game).This means that if you have a superior understanding of how female psychology works, then you’ll be able to make any woman fall you want fall for you.And you’ll do this by exploiting the weaknesses in her mind in order to her to develop feelings for you. Most guys seem to think that success with women have to do with having good looks or lots of money. Truth be told: her feelings, you’ll be able to make a girl fall in love with you no matter if you’re as ugly as Steve Buscemi or as broke as the bum off the streets.ractionation has got its roots in hypnosis and advanced human psychology – everything that one needs to make a good seduction routine.Originally adapted by master seductionists Twotimer and Swinggcat to use in seduction, it created some stir when the mainstream discovered it a couple of years ago. Given the power of this technique, there has been concerns if it could be used to HARM women.Nobody can really verify this of course, but there is a certain mystique around the technique.he usage of fractionation in seduction was once discouraged by the very people who invented it in the first place, strangely.

Other similar patterns are the “Rising Sun” and the “Death Pattern”. Well, for starters, there have been reports that master seducers have been using the technique to bed women successfully in 15 minutes – from start till finish.

When Neil Strauss wrote his book called “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of the Pickup Artists”, it created—quite a buzz.

Self-proclaimed “pickup artists” found the book to be very informative, and deadly—as it gave them the ability to make women want them in a snap of a finger. Within the “seduction” community, a large number of men men engage in techniques that will let them harness the power of Neil Strauss’ method.

What’s interesting is that there have been claims that master seducers that men have been using fractionation to sleep with the women they lay their eyes on… For a brief period, there has been effort to keep the technique “contained” inside the seduction community since there have been reported abuse of the technique.

Given the exposure of this technique to the outside world (especially from Neil Strauss’ book, and also Derek Rake’s program, the infamous Side-note: If you’re a woman and you wonder why you suddenly develop deep attraction to a guy that you have just met, then chances are that he has used this technique on you one way or the other.


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