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A fairly nice middleweight model bicycle featuring a West German Centrix coaster brake hub, the bike rides smooth although we have not tuned this bike so it may require some minor mechanical work to get it running like new.

The paint and frame are in good condition with only minor aesthetic scratches and no significant dings or dents.

Nestled in the deep north woods, Arbor Vitae is surrounded by hundreds of the country's greatest lakes.

With a population of approximately 3,200, the town's population swells to nearly 10,000 during the summer months as vacationers from other states seek the beautiful outdoors of northern Wisconsin.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Four years after it debuted on the drawing board, a high-profile University Circle project has a new layout, a new name, an expanded team of developers and - if all goes well - a groundbreaking date in the spring.

Bid arrivederci to Intesa, a heady vision of offices, apartments and parking on 2.2 acres where Cleveland's University Circle and Little Italy neighborhoods meet. But if we want to get in the ground in the spring, we have to multitask and work on all fronts." Rubin is part of Midwest Development Partners, which took a stake in the Intesa project last year. and construction executive Tony Panzica - is still involved.

He is the kind of guy that would do anything for his family and friends.

Any offices, envisioned as co-working-style spaces with desks for rent, will be part of a street-level commercial strip totaling roughly 28,000 square feet.For me, Netflix is an example of an innovative service.Netflix usually does not have the latest blockbuster movies, but they were the first company that delivered a media flat-rate for all your devices."In lieu of an equity fund-raise, we just decided to go out and bring in co-partners." The developers won't discuss the terms of their joint venture, which will allow them to build on land leased from University Circle, Inc., a neighborhood nonprofit group.But the marriage is designed to put momentum behind a much-vaunted project that has experienced fits and starts.They make it easy to find content you like, with smart features like recommendations and queues.


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