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For more information please review our domain deletion policy. You can place a back order on a domain name after the expiration date has passed. Yes, more than one person can request a backorder of the same domain.When this occurs the domain goes up for auction and is awarded to the highest bidder.It currently takes a minimum of ,020 to earn a place on this chart.Here is how the year's cc TLD leaders currently stack up (new chart entries are highlighted in Three new domains qualified for our Non .Since 2000, this international brokerage team has helped millions of customers buy, sell, and park domains.The trade platform gives you the ability to monetize unused web addresses as well as invest in marketable domains.

Many businesses turn to Sedo, the largest domain marketplace on the web, to find and purchase strong domains in every category, including dating and relationships.The assault was further fueled by the sale of seven 3-letter (all through Name Jet) with #6 leading that group at ,000.The only two non domains to make the chart were #16 (,804 at Name Jet) and a new g TLD, #18 at €12,000 ( ,280) via Keep in mind that these are the highest value cash only sales that have been reported to us in the past week.That venue released all of their July sales this week, helping them take the top three spots on the leader board and eight of the top ten.They filled the runner-up position with at ,800 and the #3 hole with 3171at ,022. Mann said he had purchased the domain for just less than five months ago, giving him a great return on his investment when an Australian maker of a line of salt and pepper pottery came calling with checkbook in hand.Can I register a domain as soon as it reaches the expiration date?


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