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Which left me with Meetic, the most popular site in France.? Profile uploaded, I was ready to wait, but actually didn’t have wait long. The relationship can start out being just about fun and sex.

It turns out Anglo-Saxon ladies are a much-sought-after exotic on the Parisian dating scene. Finally, I learned that no one ever uses a real, recent photo of themselves.

Although part of the allure may have been the chance to practice my French, I can’t help but recall a number of long, languid walks and philosophical talks that had resulted from the online dating platform.

Could it be that the French have succeeded at tackling the delicate art of online dating with their customary moderation and integrity, allowing them to cultivate genuine connections?

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We imagine love comes easy to the Gallic people with their poetic, seductive language and their no-fuss approach to romance.

They've got a huge database of available singles, their site makes it easy to connect no matter where you're from (including if you're traveling and wanting to meet someone), and it's just plain free (unless you want limit who looks at your profile, and other non-essential features).

I had the most luck on Ok Cupid while in France with actually meeting people to have a relationship with (a surprising 100% success rate), although admittedly it did take some weeding through, and I most definitely recommend hacking your profile to meet someone fantastic.

If there’s any nationality that you think wouldn’t need much help in the dating department, it’s the French.

That's because when we think of the most romantic people in the world, we almost certainly think of the French.


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