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Located between Port Hedland and South Hedland are the large salt hills of Dampier Salt, a subsidiary of Rio Tinto.

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The Coalition won the 2013 election, and after one failed attempt to pass the bill, the Mining Tax Repeal Bill finally passed both houses of Parliament on 2 September 2014 and the tax was subsequently repealed.A January 2014 poll conducted by UMR Research, however, found that a majority of Australians still think that multinational mining companies do not pay enough tax.The RSPT was initially announced as part of the initial response to the Australia's Future Tax System review, known as the Henry Tax Review, by the Treasurer, Wayne Swan and the then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.A site for the disabled tourist gives excellent information for us all at Access WA.Perth has an international airport 20km east of the city, and a domestic terminal a few kilometres closer. Check with your airline to find the proper terminal, but Qantas domestic service is mostly from T4 (Bus 40 from Elizabeth Quay) and all international flights are from T1 (Bus 380 from Elizabeth Quay or Victoria Park).Visitors to Perth (population 1,262,600) remark on its stunning geographical beauty, with the lookout from Mount Eliza across the Swan River a required stop on any tour.


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    An active child, Smith enjoyed playing ball and doing flips into piles of sawdust at a local lumberyard with friends, honing the skills that would eventually dazzle fans in big-league stadiums.