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Their activities include the detection and prevention of fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement of the government programs and operations within their parent organizations. Department of Labor and the inspector general of the U. Agency for International Development are presidentially appointed.

Office investigations may be internal, targeting government employees, or external, targeting grant recipients, contractors, or recipients of the various loans and subsidies offered through the thousands of federal domestic and foreign assistance programs. The remaining inspectors general are designated by their respective agency heads, Presidentially appointed IGs can only be removed, or terminated, from their positions by the President of the United States, whereas designated inspectors general can be terminated by the agency head.

However, in both cases Congress must be notified of the termination, removal, or reassignment.

While the IG Act of 1978 requires that inspectors general be selected based upon their qualifications and not political affiliation, presidentially appointed inspectors general are considered political appointees and are often selected, if only in part and in addition to their qualifications, because of their political relationships and party affiliation.

The knowledge of some artworks’ characteristics, difficult to reproduce and that are punctual placed, allows to identify uniqueness feature of artworks (like fingerprint) and to control its identity during movement phase.

It reaffirms WWF’s commitment to embrace a pro-poor approach to conservation to strive to find equitable solutions for people and the environment and enable local people to play a key part in sustainable development. WWF signed the Conservation Initiative on Human Rights Framework in 2009. This policy reflects WWF’s ongoing commitment to equity and integrating a gender perspective in its policies, programmes, and projects, as well as in its own institutional structure. In 2016, WWF has established a mechanism to receive and respond to concerns raised by stakeholders who may be affected by WWF-supported conservation activities as a key means to strengthen implementation of WWF’s Social Policies and Safeguards (defined below).

An example of the role political affiliation plays in the selection of an inspector general, and the resulting pitfalls, can be seen in the 2001 Republican appointment (and resignation under fire) of Janet Rehnquist While all of the federal offices of inspector generals operate separately from one another, they share information and some coordination through the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE). In addition to their inspector general members, CIGIE includes non-inspector general representatives from the federal executive branch, such as executives from the Office of Management and Budget, the Office of Personnel Management, the Office of Government Ethics, the Office of Special Counsel, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

CIGIE also provides specialized training to the inspector general community.

The Framework states WWF’s commitment to respect human rights and to promote rights within the scope of conservation initiatives. Addressing complaints in a timely and effective way helps resolve conflicts, improves mutual understanding, strengthens accountability and provides a foundation for increased collaboration.

The roll out of the project complaints resolution process has started in 2016, and is currently being shared with stakeholders during the project design phase or at other appropriate interactions.


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