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That’s easy enough, there’s tons of ways to do that with sed, awk, or simple tools like “replace”.However, once you’ve done the easy work, you still need to update all the serial numbers as well.Without DNS, that website you've worked so hard on would be completely invisible.(Although it's possible to access some sites using only the IP address of their web server, this is not the case for virtual websites, which require that their hostname be included in the HTTP request header. Enhanced DNS is designed to integrate easily with your existing DNS infrastructure to provide a secure, high performance, highly available and scalable solution for DNS hosting.As part of this service, Akamai runs name servers in multiple networks and in many geographic locations that are capable of resolving queries for your zones.

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If the sn value from the master is arithmetically HIGHER than that currently stored by the slave then a zone transfer (AXFR/IXFR) is initiated.Here’s how I saved myself hours of manual labor: If you’re even reading this article, it’s expected that you at least know that a serial number is in the form YYYYMMDDNN where NN is the update number for that day.So the serial number from my post today would be 2011031900.Maintaining single global SOA serial for all servers was found as hard problem.Attributes like can't be used because they can go back in time (because of replication).Tell Power DNS to forward to the master server if the zone is configured as slave.


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