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To modify the registry key: Your terminal emulation type is now set to ANSI or VT100, depending on what you entered.

You can re-enter the telnet session at anytime and type d to verify the emulation type.

This article describes a legacy deployment for replicating on-premises VMware virtual machines or Windows/Linux physical servers to Azure using Azure Site Recovery in the classic portal.

Organizations need a BCDR strategy that determines how apps, workloads, and data stay running and available during planned and unplanned downtime, and recover to normal working conditions as soon as possible.

We’ve also enhanced the round-robin load-balancing method to support weights, giving more control over how traffic is distributed between endpoints.

These enhancements bring the benefits of Traffic Manager to a wider range of applications and enable a number of new scenarios.

Pro*COBOL Support Pro*COBOL is supported on the following Microsoft Windows operating systems: Oracle Grid Infrastructure Support for NTFS on Oracle ADVM NTFS is not supported as a highly available single file system resource for this release.

However, you can also disable the Privacy Notification window and still keep the application running by modifying a registry key.Up until recently, only Azure Cloud Services (both Iaa S and Paa S) and Azure Websites were supported.We’ve now enabled Traffic Manager support for endpoints external to Azure.This dialog box displays whether Intel® AMT is enabled or disabled.It also has a hyperlink that allows the user to visit a site for more information about Intel® AMT.Your BCDR strategy should keep business data safe and recoverable, and ensure that workloads remain continuously available when disaster occurs.


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