Garagesale widget not updating

Sent from my SM-G900V using XDA Free mobile app Lol - I hang out with all apple you the tools you need to research sales near you.You’d like to update your widget early and often, at times when the user might be looking at it.But you want to prevent it from updating (and wasting resources) when the user is not engaged. This technique isn’t perfect, because it will cause your widget to update even when hidden behind another running app, but that much is unavoidable.

I have them all set up to update as you can see in the screen shot below.Garage Sale Basic lets you create your e Bay auctions from your Mac.It has all the features a casual e Bay seller needs.Each year dozens of towns, counties and states come together to put on some of the largest yard sales weve ever seen.Below you..Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we here at want to reward you for hanging out with us all year long.It would be nice if Android fired a system event that you could register for whenever your widget is visible on the screen.


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