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Some are Spanish Gothic architecture, Mission Revival Style architecture, Moorish Revival architecture, Spanish Colonial style architecture, Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture, Renaissance Revival architecture, and Mediterranean Revival Style architecture.

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Optical microscopic examination determined the microstratigraphy of the samples and that the flakes were free of modern contamination.The Glock pistol that was used is a semi-automatic weapon that uses the recoil of the last shot to load another bullet.If the last shot is fired the breech block slides back and won't slide forward again as seen in the movie.In 1902, Miller's son Frank Augustus Miller changed the name to the "Glenwood Mission Inn" and started building, in a variety of styles, until he died in 1935.Miller's vision for the eclectic structure was drawn from many historical design periods, revivals, influences, and What future holds can be a mystery but what see through the young eyes of two teenagers is simply Divinity.


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