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"The evidence doesn’t justify or warrant prosecution.

Josh Woodward is innocent of these charges." Authorities claim Woodward, 40, tried to induce a miscarriage in his girlfriend, who was 13 weeks pregnant, in fall 2009, using a topical application of the early-stage abortion drug misoprostol while the couple engaged in foreplay.

Indeed, it has more fine restaurants than many major cities, and I would include Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, Providence, Miami, and Dallas.

Armstrong began his culinary training at age 13 at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant in West Hollywood.For most people the news of a baby on the way is a happy occasion.But when it comes to high-profile restaurant owner Joshua Woodward, that news came as a shock.A former Manhattan restaurant owner was arraigned in Los Angeles on Wednesday on charges he secretly slipped his girlfriend an abortion drug during foreplay.Joshua Woodward, a partner in the Table 8 restaurant chain that graced the Cooper Square Hotel before it changed to Standard Hotel East Village, pleaded not guilty to four counts of attempted murder. "The evidence against him is weak and speculative at best.The devastated lover told police Woodward didn't want the baby from the moment he learned of the pregnancy and immediately asked her to get an abortion.


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