Gravatar not updating

(/home/git/gitlab/public/uploads/user/avatar/2/head. JPG) And config file "gitlab.yml" has disable gravatar gravatar: enabled: false PS: gitlab version:6.8.2I upload a pic as avatar,but can not display. (/home/git/gitlab/public/uploads/user/avatar/2/head.

JPG) I check the server,and pic file already exist. JPG) I check the server,and pic file already exist.

Your settings are just a click away whether you're using Disqus on Home or through the embed out on the web.

Click the gear icon, then choose "Edit Profile" or "Settings".

If the requests fails for any reason, Swarm selects an avatar from its internal bee-themed collection.

You configure the avatar lookups with the serves only G-rated avatar images.

Note that the Name in your profile refers to your display name, which is different than your Username.

Your Name appears in your profile and is shown with your activity in Disqus.

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Your profile picture is based on your email address.If you choose not to sign up with Gravatar, the default icon set by the Administrator appears next to your name.Providing your users with avatars has become a convention in web-publishing.allows you to customize how Word Press outputs your comments in your theme.It also controls the size of the Gravatar attached to the comments.Click your name (next to the notifications bubble) to open the drop down menu, then click "Edit Settings".


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