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Ask your bank to close the account linked to your payday loan and open a new one.

If the policy of the bank is not to close the account till a certain period, then opt for putting the account on deposit only status till the time you can close the account.

These affect your credit report and credit score positively. Actually, when you default on your payments, be it a credit card or payday loans, your credit score will drop.

Payday loan consolidation companies know this fact very well and provide extra help to borrowers to get out of this mess.

Payday loan services offer a way for people to bridge the gap between bill due dates and pay dates.

Unfortunately, some customers cannot repay their payday loans and take out new payday loans in order to cover the difference.

If you have not yet paid back the principal, then inform your lender that you are willing to do so but on your terms and conditions.

However, if you have paid more than the principal amount, then you can demand a refund of the overpayment.

This is because payday loan debt consolidation methods help you off your debts in full, and Paid in full statuses are updated in your credit reports.

However, loan consolidation comes with its risks and therefore there are alternatives to it.

Here is some advice on how to consolidate payday loans online and get out of debt.

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This struggle usually is frustrating and exhausting.


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