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Waze is all about contributing to the 'common good' out there on the road.By connecting drivers to one another, we help people create local driving communities that work together to improve the quality of everyone's daily driving.Currently there are many programmes in schools and universities and within community settings that aim to prevent relationship violence.It is important to establish whether these programmes work and whether they result in long-term reductions in relationship violence. The results showed no convincing evidence that the programmes decreased relationship violence, or that they improved participants' attitudes, behaviours and skills related to relationship violence.Even if you have appointed a representative, it is in your interest to keep the details concerning your business up to date. If you have a representative, inform them and they'll do the rest.You can also easily do it yourself via your online User Area. In case of doubt, the Office may make a request for evidence of the legal form or address.When indicating your EUIPO number you will not have to state all the rights that belong to you. The main difference between these options is that when you sell your RCD you transfer ownership to another party permanently, whereas when you license it you retain ownership. As soon as an agreement has been reached, you should let us know the details.

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After typing in their destination address, users just drive with the app open on their phone to passively contribute traffic and other road data, but they can also take a more active role by sharing road reports on accidents, police traps, or any other hazards along the way, helping to give other users in the area a 'heads-up' about what's to come.However, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) will generally inform you or your representative six months before expiry that your RCD is due for renewal. The form may be submitted right up until the last day of the month in which protection ends.If you have failed to observe the time limit but still wish to renew your design, you can still do so for six months after the expiry date, but there is a 25% surcharge.Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship or someone to settle down with - our vast community has you covered! Disclosure will not be taken into account if the design, after disclosure, is not known ‘in the normal course of business to the circles specialised in the sector concerned operating within the European Union'. This may be achieved through, for example, a printed review bearing a date, mass publicity, publication in a national IP Office Bulletin, display at an international exhibition or a dated mailing to all trade associations of a given industrial sector.


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