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With a protected profile, your Instagram page won’t be viewable by the public, and you’ll have to approve followers one at a time, helping you manage who can and can’t view your content.While Instagram is a fairly social platform that encourages public sharing, it isn’t quite as public of a network as something like Twitter, which largely encourages public posts and interaction.If you can’t view someone else photos that mean the person doesn’t share any pictures with you and holds a private account.No doubt, it is of great stress when you failed to see photos of your crush.She might have kept privacy on her account so that other people cannot look at.In that manner, no one can view certain pictures of a person unless he/she allows doing so.

Follow the steps I will be describing below to know how the extension can be used to find out details on FB profile visit.I did a quick Google search and didn’t see this approach used.Most techniques boil down to: But if Google tries to access that URL, it can.Let’s view how to make your Instagram profile private, and how to view private accounts secretly—plus, how to make sure no one’s viewing your own account info.We’ve all been told over and over: make sure your social accounts are locked down and private, or at the very least, clean and secure of any compromising information and images.I don’t believe that this triggers anonymous account views, or any views at all.


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