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Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay has been busy raising two children while on his self-imposed hiatus from music.

The 'Hot Property' singer has just returned with the acid jazz band's eighth album 'Automaton' and they played an incredible sold-out show at The Roundhouse in Camden, London, on Friday night (), their first show in the UK for six years.

"I want to remember Toby as the guy who struck me with his magic the first time I heard him play in my small bedsit in 1992, the guy who made laugh and cry in equal measure as we wrote the songs you all sing, the guy who would entertain us all on our most arduous tours with his obtuse sense of humour, and the guy who would crack me up with his quirky sense of style and his unique and candid views on people, life and love. Ride the wind buddy, nothing can stop you now." Toby's cause of death has not been revealed, but Jay alluded to an illness in his emotional post.

"And so I want you all to remember him this way, because all you have to do is put his music on, wherever you are, whatever your mood, and let his amazing alchemy of chord structure, his mastery of timing, and his effortless and eloquent solos, get under your skin, right into your soul, and make you smile at the world, not matter how bad it seems. Without him, there would be no JAMIROQUAI, and as I write this, the moon is clear and bright in the sky, and I think of him how it should be, riding his mighty horse across it, leaving a trail of stars behind him. The band's original bassist, Stuart Zender also paid tribute to the musician earlier this week, written alongside a snap of Toby with his 12.4k Instagram followers. My big brother Toby crossed over to the other side last night. Your bald brother Stu x A post shared by SZ (@stuartzender) on He wrote: "My big brother Toby crossed over to the other side last night.

' But my friend Charley Boorman has two girls, and he told me it works out really well in the end.

Kay is occasionally referred to as 'Jamiroquai', with a misconception existing that the band is actually a solo artist. I’ve always wanted a family, but I’d reached 45 and wondered if it would ever happen. “Our meeting again was a real Sliding Doors moment.James Royal—often misidentified as Kay's stepfather—is his mother's former manager with whom she had a relationship during Kay's childhood years.Royal had stated in his 2002 interview in News of the World that he never married Karen Kay but still regards Kay as his stepson.The lord of the manor tours the estate on his trusty steed, surveying his domain, which stretches as far as the eye can see, and then some.


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