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But so-called "mirror statistics," an accounting of data reconstructed from other countries’ reports, offer a workaround, albeit a flawed one, since the statistics don’t capture some transactions.The available data tell a story of growing dependence on Chinese trade over roughly the past two decades as economic sanctions levied by the UN and individual countries, as well as other factors, have seen North Korea’s trade with other partners fall drastically."As sanctions have reduced South Korean and Japanese trade basically to nothing, trade has naturally become focused more on China," Haggard said."The rest of the world has not picked up the slack." Marcus Noland of the Peterson Institute for International Economics agreed that China’s current position as an outsize trade partner of North Korea is largely a function of Pyongyang’s strained relations with its neighbor to the south -- but he noted this could change if political winds shift.So why do the United States and China keep butting heads over North Korea, as Kim Jong Un fine-tunes his nuclear arsenal? officials see North Korean militancy as the sole threat to security on the Korean peninsula, Chinese officials perceive North Korean and American provocations as twin threats—“two accelerating trains coming toward each other” and refusing “to give way,” in the words of China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi. Rather, we should start from reaching for low-hanging fruits, defuse any flashpoint endangering peace on the peninsula, and create conditions for stability in the region.”Wang’s counterpart, U. “We’re asking North Korea to be prepared to come to the table with an understanding that these talks are going to be about how do we help you chart a course to cease and roll back your nuclear program. No country has more influence on North Korea than China.The latest effort to counter North Korea’s nuclear program—UN Security Council sanctions on several North Korean exports, orchestrated by American and Chinese negotiators—appears to indicate that the United States and China are finally joining forces to crush Kim’s nuclear ambitions. officials have questioned whether the Chinese government will enforce the sanctions, as the Trump administration considers ways to retaliate if Beijing fails to get tougher on its ally in Pyongyang. The United States could take at least three paths to partner with China on addressing the North Korean nuclear threat. China has, in fact, proposed a plan for solving the North Korea problem. officials want North Korea to renounce nuclear weapons—or at least take steps toward “denuclearization”—as a precondition for talks, Chinese officials consider denuclearization an end goal of negotiations, not a starting point. But the question the Trump administration is currently probing is what the limits of that influence are—and how China can be pushed to those limits. officials have alternated between carrots and sticks."China and the US share the goal of removing nuclear weapons of from North Korea, but that’s the extent to which the US's and China's interests overlap," Bonnie Glaser, director of the China Power Project, told Business Insider.Glaser pointed out that China has taken the US's side in theory, backing every single UN resolution against North Korea since 2006, "but it has of course watered down most if not all of those security council resolutions because it has not wanted to agree to sanctions that might create instability in North Korea." "And if it won’t cause instability, it’s probably not likely to be tough enough to cause Kim Jong-un to rethink his strategy and priorities," said Glaser, who said that 85% of North Korea's external trade is with China.

This series explores those questions, option by option. officials experiment with ways to exert pressure on North Korea, Chinese officials seek out pressure-relief valves. (Chinese embassy officials declined to comment on the record for this story.)“The most urgent task at hand is to halt [North Korea’s] nuclear and missile programs,” Wang, the Chinese foreign minister, argued in a speech to the UN Security Council in April. It has a 56-year-old defense treaty with the North Koreans.Donald Trump has attacked China over its increasing trade with North Korea, in the wake of Pyongyang's latest missile test having increased tensions in the region.In the latest indication of Mr Trump's cooling views on China, a nation to which he had recently displayed considerable warmth and optimism, the President implied the White House's efforts to work with the Asian country had failed.Yet the unity of purpose fades upon closer inspection. Donald Trump has boasted that the Security Council sanctions will have a “very big financial impact” on the North Korean economy, but the Chinese likely prevented the impact from being even bigger; the UN measures, for instance, notably do not restrict China and other countries from exporting oil to North Korea. As part of an approach that it calls “suspension for suspension,” the Chinese government has offered to broker a deal in which North Korea suspends its rapidly advancing nuclear and missile programs in exchange for the United States suspending its regular military exercises with South Korea, as a prelude to negotiations to eventually rid the North of nuclear weapons. The primary way that China can change Kim Jong Un’s calculus on nuclear weapons, according to the Trump administration, is by fully enforcing existing UN Security Council sanctions and restricting trade with North Korea well beyond what’s included in those sanctions. Trump has praised Chinese President Xi Jinping and offered him a favorable trade deal in exchange for help on North Korea, but the president and his advisers have also threatened to go to war on the Korean peninsula—a terrifying prospect for the Chinese—if China doesn’t rein in North Korea’s nuclear program.And mere days after the sanctions passed, Trump showed why UN cooperation may be less than meets the eye, threatening to unleash “fire and fury” against the North if its leaders continued to threaten the U. But the Trump administration has repeatedly rejected the suggestion. (Trump’s recent fire-and-fury warning may have been intended as much for Beijing as Pyongyang.)The main form of pressure under discussion is economic."China will either decide to help us with North Korea, or they won’t," Trump told the Financial Times, adding that "if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will." But according to Joel Wit, the cofounder of 38 North and a State Department employee during one of the US's few diplomatic successes with North Korea in 1993, "China is not going to help enough," though it would likely take some small steps to avoid looking like they've stiffed Trump.


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