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Japanese Game is a site dedicated to all sorts of crazy cool Japanese games, We've tried to collect some of the best Japanese flash games and we are updating the site regularly, so come back often, and see what's new.Nanaca Crash is definitely a crazy Japanese game, you goal is to ride the bikes and kick the guy as far as you can. If you make a playthrough, please link my channel Magestic Dragon.

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Last option will turn on and off the sound effects and music, the game has some very cool sound effects, so we recommend you leave them on. ❥ Ꮗelcome back sunbeams; how are you all doing today o... I've been thinking of a way to help DIA gain more fans because they're my ultimate bias group and they're kind of underrated, so I thought about doing this post. When you are ready vote the member you got.(please don't cheat) So choose carefully if you want to get your bias ❥ Ꮗelcome back sunbeams; how are you all doing today on this lovely friday? i decided to write the following post because of the issue that recently hit on ikon, in such a way ...Use YOUR MOUSE to explore the town, work in shops and chat to boys. Favourite quotes from an EXO dating Sim #1 in no particular order In which Shindong is a murderer, Sehun is emo, Lay loves Lays chips and Chanyeol is spinning and floating uncontrollably in the ladies washroom.Once you reset the hiscore, you cannot restore it anymore, so be careful, if you had a very good distance and accidentally reset it, it will be very frustrating (from our own experience...) Next on the menu - the start button which will of course, start the game.


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