Liveupdate had an error updating the virus definitions

Lets see if it keeps working on the next few weeks!

Most Live Update errors can be resolved following basic troubleshooting steps.

The Symantec knowledge base contains solutions to common Live Update error codes. If connection to either website fails, check Internet cables and settings.

Please run Live Update to continue downloading your updates, or wait for Automatic Live Update to update for you. I have started to get error 8920,223 with live update. Check for updates ok , Downloading updates ok , Process updates . System : windows 7 x64 An error has occured with Norton Internet Security ERROR : 8920,223 HI jjasonrev Welcome to the Norton Community Forums I have raised this issue with Symantec as there are a number of users who have started having this issue recently. I have version and I got this error after my live update this morning 03,11,2011.

Repeated running installed some updates but there are some still not installing. Edit: Don't do anything more to your installation until we get an update from Symantec Hello I'm getting the same error also. I am wondering if the Tsunami's that have hit Hawaii and are heading now towards CA. I'm not very tech savy so if anyone can help with this issue I would much appreciate it .

To support the flow of communication I am merging all of the forum threads concerning the Live Update issue involving error code 8920,223 into one single thread.

Is there a way to solve the issue without re-install. I had the same problem and followed these steps on norton solutions page: It worked fine for me!

Once the "fix" is completed, clicking the "Done" button just takes me back to the original screen that says "attention" Fix this issue.

Live Update summary shows the Anti Virus Signatures Vr. Last weeks similar issue occurred also 2x times, and 3 items were failing to be updated.

In desperation, I uninstalled NIS this time using the Norton Removal Tool (instead of the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool), then reinstalled it by downloading it from my Norton account.

I had to physically remove the licence before I could do this as I had already used the 3 allowable licences and the Norton Removal Tool didn't remove the licence for me as part of the uninstall (why can't you make things work properly, Norton? And yes, before anyone asks, I used the Norton Removal Tool 3 times before reinstalling NIS.


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