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Every Sunday we are strengthened in Christ’s service by receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion which we also call the Eucharist.

Our music ranges from choral pieces and traditional hymns to Taize chants and more contemporary songs of praise.

The Letter to the Ephesians says that this union is a symbol of the relationship between Christ and the Church.

Do Catholics ever validly enter into non-sacramental marriages? Marriages between Catholics and non-Christians, while they may still be valid in the eyes of the Church, are non-sacramental.

Some impediments to marriage include: This is not an exhaustive list.

In a marriage ceremony, it is not the priest who marries the couple, but rather it is the man and woman who marry each other.

The two joining in matrimony are the ones conferring the sacrament upon each other and not through the priest or deacon.

Christ is the source of this grace and the spouses serve as Christ to each other.

In order for the marriage to be considered a sacramental marriage, it must meet the following conditions: Prior to marriage, a couple will be required to undergo marriage preparation.


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