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This increase is most notably seen in the late 80s and early 90s when “…[v]olunteer rates among youth ages 16-19 soared from 13.4 to 24.5 percent between 1989-2007”(Clemmitt, 79).

There has been a range of reactions regarding the movement of mandatory participation in community service, from lawsuits to enthusiasm, which beckons the question, how has this requirement changed since the 90s and how has it affected their long-term outcomes as citizens?

COMMUNITY service, performed without pay, is becoming increasingly familiar to high school students.

As a graduation requirement the student must complete a significant number of hours ranging from 8–60 hours, depending on the school system.“I feel like [community service] is needed to have a sense of community,” said Junior Jenna Ross “it makes you feel better about yourself to help others and give back.”Even though most student feel that mandatory community service is a good thing, some believe it’s the opposite.It is also a way to build character, prompt future community involvement and boost academic achievement.At South Kingstown High School, Student Learning Expectation C6 requires all students to submit an item into their portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of political, environmental, social and economic issues that affect the present and future health of our community and world.In Roslyn students beginning with the high school class of '97 will be required to take a one-semester half-credit community-service course and to complete a minimum of 30 hours of field work to graduate.For the class of '98 the number of field hours will increase, to 40.If a designated amount of hours is required to graduate, some groups across the country consider that work involuntary there for unconstitutional.


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