Migrating and consolidating file servers with enterprise vault

The settings are Threshold number of items to trigger synchronization and Threshold total size of items to trigger synchronization.They specify thresholds for the number and total size of pending archive items in Virtual Vault.

- Comprehensive support for Exchange 2010 SP1 (SP1 support for Mailbox, Journal and Public Folder archiving along with OWA integration) - Share Point 2010 Support - Domino 8.5.1 Support - Domino Mail-in Database Support - Domino Shortcut Expiry - Enterprise Vault Discovery Collector (allows for indexing and classification of data beyond the archive to include a full spectrum of enterprise sources) - Discovery Accelerator De-Dupe (intelligently refine discovery search results and exclude duplicate data to significantly increase legal review efficiency) - Support for Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition - Support for Entourage 2008 on Snow Leopard - DELL DX Object Storage Platform Support - Symantec™ File Store and N8000 Support - System Status and EV Online - FSAUtility new options (placeholder migration and bulk file recall) - FSA Reporting improved performance and scalability - Optimized Single-Instance-Storage - Seamless End-User Experience - Collection of Unstructured Electronically-Stored Information - Intuitive Electronic Discovery with Guided Review - Comprehensive Support for Exchange 2010 SP1 (SP1 support for Mailbox, Journal and Public Folder archiving along with OWA integration) - Simplified Installation and Administration - Flexible . NSF Migration - Open Storage Layer EV 9 Release Details: Release Notes: Enterprise Vault 9.0 - Compliance Accelerator 9.0 - Discovery Accelerator 9.0 - How to obtain the installation download and license keys for Enterprise Vault. Late Breaking News Bulletin for Enterprise Vault 9.0 Vault 9.0 sizing and performance, see the Enterprise Vault (Their migration can be fraught with issues and exceptions thrown from password-protected, corrupt or in-use files, as well as issues from files created by staff who have left the organization.It's essential to know where your data is at all times, for everyday business purposes and for critical compliance, regulatory and e Discovery needs.Or your archiving vendor may have been acquired or gone out of business, leaving you with unsupported or obsolete technology.Whatever your situation, you now face the challenge of deciding how to address your email archiving needs in the future and what to do with the terabytes of email stored in your archive.The movement of data is end-to-end via a high-performance, multi-threaded engine that connects Trans Vault’s full chain-of-custody, data integrity checks, audit reports and remediation services meet the most stringent legislation relating to email records handling.


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