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Skinner's breakthrough project was The Streets who released a string of groundbreaking album in the early 2000s, starting with Original Pirate Material (2002), which fused hip hop, UK garage and other genres with socially aware lyrics about life in Britain.Tunes like Dry Your Eyes, Fit But You Know It and Has It Come To This?Apart from Skinner, the line-up hasn’t been announced. ‘It’s what you might call party bass,’ reckons Skinner. [At Tonga you’ll hear] the darker end of house, rap, trap and grime.’ The venue is also a surprise: The Victoria, a pleasantly scruffy Dalston boozer that’s a safe distance away from the chaos of Kingsland Road.Nothing unusual there, but as he explains, ‘It’s a policy of wait and see who turns up.’ One of those likely to appear is Murkage Dave, Skinner’s breakfast partner today and founder of Manchester-based arts and grime collective Murkage, who are co-running Tonga. Usually home to rock and indie gigs, it should be a pretension-free party location.

Support on the night comes with DJ sets from Mat Format and Andy Hatman with more to be announced.white English rapper might sound like the basis for a bad Saturday Night Live sketch. guy seated nearby) Oi, how many sales you need to have to be first class? But with new and exciting urban music being as rare as rocking-horse shit these days, you could do a lot worse than twenty-three-year-old Mike Skinner, a.k.a. His debut album, Original Pirate Material, fuses hip-hop and house music to earthy witticisms on the blue-collar “birds” and “geezers” of Blair’s Britain. On “Don’t Mug Yourself,” Skinner warns his mates about becoming putty in the hands of a “fit bird;” on “Too Late,” Skinner takes an unflattering look at losing a girlfriend through arrogance: “We met through a shared view/She loved me, and I did too.” Always in search of another like-minded soul, I met Mike for coffee while he was in New York on yet another promotional sortie. How many records do I have to flog to go premium economy? So the NME called your album the most important British debut since the Sex Pistols’. I think the NMEis the most important magazine since . I took a seat in front of the unit, and Trask touched a logo on the display’s upper corner, selected a box on the display that ensured I would get a bonus round, and told me to hit the spin button.


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