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A "secondary" mineral is one which is derived by a physicochemical reaction from a primary mineral in bedrock or detritus and/or deposited because of a unique set of conditions in a cave; i.e., the cave environment has influenced the mineral's deposition.

The vast majority of speleothems are calcareous, composed of calcium carbonate in the form of calcite or aragonite, or calcium sulfate in the form of gypsum.

; Ancient Greek: "cave deposit") — commonly known as cave formations — are secondary mineral deposits formed in a cave.

Speleothems typically form in limestone or dolostone solutional caves.

'She was a tiny version of her dad and so beautiful.

It was without doubt the happiest day of my life,' recalls Charlotte.

Calthemites which occur on concrete structures, are created by completely different chemistry to speleothems.

Students, faculty, distinguished bees, please welcome Dean Buzzwell.

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Meanwhile, Mira was happily breastfeeding and appeared to be thriving.'She had a slightly sticky eye, but other than that everything was fine,' says Charlotte, who works for an internet publishing company.

Then, just three days after giving birth, a tiny spot appeared on Charlotte's bottom lip. She'd never had one before and asked the midwife if it was dangerous, but she was reassured that it was nothing to worry about.


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