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I pursued my higher studies in Pune, hence many of my friends work in Mumbai. I was definitely flustered, but I knew that I couldn't be in any sort of trouble unless I really wanted to be. "Do you still want to drink with a call girl in the night in an alien city," she asked me, jolting me back from my thoughtful slumber. The following hour must've been the quickest of my entire life.One of my closest friends has been a resident of the city since he was born, but he was holidaying with his girlfriend in Bali during that time, so basically I had an entire flat in Tardeo and a spare car at disposal for a weekend. Hence I decided to stay put for a couple of drinks more, until Jane came along. "Anything for a drink, Tanya," I pretended to be unperturbed. She told me that her pimp had granted her a leave on that day owing to her birthday, and it was ritualistic for her to celebrate it at Gokul because that's where she gets most of her clientele from.

I could've stayed back to socialise over drinks but I just couldn't look at those stoic corporate faces anymore. They are strictly asked to report for work especially on national holidays, because business is better than usual.

I am a beauty and figure conscious girl..i received “miss best walk” award recently,,,i do regular aerobics/yoga to keep myself flexible and in sexy shape..oh yeah, i just love a phone sex chat where we can share our desires and become friends.

If u wanna spend time with me,we will enjoy candlelight dinner,with champagne,with some romantic music watching the lovely moon,,holding each others arms...tightly and firmly...sure you will get intoxicated with the warmth of my pure feminine energy....

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