North scott elementary schools consolidating

She said the transition plan was "academically based and child-focused." When addressing the closure of Adamsville, Carstarphen said: "The three things that our data was showing in preparation for the merger fell into four buckets: One was on literacy, which included reading; one was on writing across all curriculums; one was on data and technology planning so that we could eliminate the digital divide because poor families don't have access like others, and the fourth was extracurricular support." As she spoke she was interrupted several times by sporadic outbursts from irate parents.Before the meeting, a group of parents camped out overnight in front of the APS building on Trinity Avenue in downtown Atlanta.The Rural High School Act (1907) and consolidation of rural school districts, as well as a program of "equalization" in the distribution of funds for education, led to the gradual improvement of free public education.

That's been whittled down to 338 districts as of July; in the last decade alone, 29 schools have been shuttered.

• Mays Cluster – At the start of School Year 2017-2018, close Adamsville Primary, restructuring Miles Intermediate as a Pre K-5 school and redistricting some Adamsville and Miles students to West Manor Elementary.

• Douglass Cluster – At the start of School Year 2017-2018, relocate the Business, Engineering, Science and Technology Academy at the Benjamin S.

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