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this tweet another possible trump crime: , witness intimidation. Trump better hope there are no prosecutors willing to enforce the law.comey witness 2trump's possible obstruction by demanding loyalty https://t.co/q CUT7Aseo A — Norm Eisen (@Norm Eisen) May 12, 2017 18 U. https://t.co/Vy74c AViy U pic.twitter.com/b0x4n DRPPd — Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) May 12, 2017 During a CNN appearance later Friday, Eisen said that Trump’s reported loyalty demand “smacks of obstruction.” “And then the firing of Comey is just the final act,” Eisen added.

Trump’s veiled Friday morning threat to Comey — coming amid an active investigation into the Trump’s campaigns connections with Russia — might constitute witness intimidation, according to Norm Eisen, former chief ethics counsel for President Obama.At its core, this case is about who we are and what it means to be an American.Are we a fair people who recognize the hard work of immigrants? This case is about charting the course for our future society. By 2044, minorities are expected to be the majority.Adams admitted that he had no first-hand knowledge of the conversations leading to the decision.One year later, an internal investigation at the Justice Department found that “politics played no role in the handling” of the case and that “department attorneys did not commit professional misconduct or exercise poor judgment.” Fox News spent only 88 seconds covering the debunking of a phony scandal of its own creation.The majority - 5.3 million - are the children of parents who came here without papers, fleeing war, violence and poverty the likes of which many of us in this country will never see.


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