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He added that it represents the first global online virtual world exclusively for girls.

"We were listening to girls and seeing the way they were changing," said Scothon said.

The launch of Barbie Girl is the latest effort by a toy company to make its brand more interactive with the Internet and reclaim children who are growing out of toys faster and seeking other play options, like online chatting and i Pods.

We've heard the phrase "decision engine" in the mainstream before: Bing, Microsoft's search engine, touted itself as a decision engine at its launch in 2009, with an ability to judge relevance.This summer, Mattel will introduce a Barbie-inspired handheld MP3 music device to interact with the website and unlock even more content.Mattel hopes that by blending girls' love of music, fashion and the Internet, it will keep 10-year-old girls interested in the iconic name.The audio recordings are stored on Toy Talk servers, available to teams that work on improving the speech recognition platform and to the child’s parents.Barbie And Ken Online Dating is a free game for girl to play online at Ma Fa. You can play Barbie And Ken Online Dating in your browser for free.This week, Mattel revealed that for the first time Barbie will be backed by artificial intelligence, a move to make the doll more lifelike.


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