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He also allegedly wrote that he did not know where they could meet, “that I can trust that it doesn’t get me arrested.” Investigators were able to locate the law office from where Patience conducted the online chat.

A Maryland Public Service Commission member acknowledged yesterday that he used his state computer to engage in sexual conversations with an alleged prostitute but said he never committed a criminal act. Boutin issued a statement last night expressing his shame and sorrow for his conduct, but he said in a strikingly candid news release that his actions were part of an effort to deal with his impotency after surgery for bladder cancer. (R) last year after seven years as a Republican delegate from Harford County. "I'm sickened." "I feel sorry for his wife," said Del. Boutin said the alleged prostitute arranged to meet him last summer, but he did not follow through. Busch about a request from the Harford County prosecutor for computer hardware assigned to Boutin.

Patience is charged with crimes including attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, sexual misconduct, and furnishing pornographic material to a minor.

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Boutin, who is 63 and married, issued the statement one day before documents from a Harford County Sheriff's Department investigation were to be released to The Washington Post, including 13 e-mails sent from his House of Delegates computer.

He was engaged in such an act when police called at his home in High Pittington, near Durham, on May 2, 2015.

Durham Crown Court heard that officers asked to see his computer equipment, and he led them to his study in the loft.

The judge ruled (.pdf) briefly that Backpage "has shown a likelihood of success on the merits of its claim."Backpage asserted in its complaint (.pdf) that the law "means that every service provider – no matter where headquartered or operated – must review each and every piece of third-party content posted on or through its service to determine whether it is an 'implicit' ad for a commercial sex act in Washington, and whether it includes a depiction of a person, and, if so, must obtain and maintain a record of the person's ID.

These obligations would bring the practice of hosting third-party content to a grinding halt."The company claimed the law, which was hailed by child-protection advocates as the first-of-its kind when it passed in February, "applies not only to online classified ad services like, but also to any website that allows third parties to post content, including user comments, reviews, chats, and discussion forums, and to social networking sites, search engines, internet service providers, and more."Liz Mc Dougall, general counsel for Village Voice Media, said "We believe human trafficking is an abomination that must be stopped.


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