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Github issue 26: Various fixes when running on Python 3 and Windows. Py PNG welcomes the following community contributions: JoaquĆ­n Cuenca Abela speeds up PNG reading when Cython is available.

Josh Bleecher Snyder adds a lenient mode which has relaxed checksum checking.

[email protected] a problem writing files when using the command line tool on Windows (Issue 62). The following issues have been fixed: Issue 63: does not use 2to3 Issue 64: Typo in documentation Py PNG now works on Python 3 if you use the tool. The following issues have been fixed: Issue 60: Greyscale images not properly being converted to RGBA Issue 61: Doesn't work on Python 3 Added the "How Fast is Py PNG" section to the documentation. The Py PNG developers have been unable to reproduce the error (as it seems to be on 64-bit Python 2.5 systems); any user reports would be most welcome.

It reads and writes PNG files with all allowable bit depths (1/2/4/8/16/24/32/48/64 bits per pixel) and colour combinations: greyscale (1/2/4/8/16 bit); RGB, RGBA, LA (greyscale with alpha) with 8/16 bits per channel; colour mapped images (1/2/4/8 bit).

Adam7 interlacing is supported for reading and writing.


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