Question to ask during speed dating

This year Career Day will be much more productive than in the past few years. So it is critical that you plan to attend and network with all of the companies that hire people in your major.

The company holding the event will then evaluate everyones forms and match those pairs who both choose to see each other again.I’ve never given managers, CEOs, and presidents of large companies much credit for what they’ve done to achieve their success or rank in their organizations.I’ve always discounted them because of the “Peter Principle,” unless they were the founder or one of the original founders of the company. I just think they don’t really know or understand the effort that it takes to create results in a small business.When two people express a shared interest in each other, they then have the opportunity to exchange contact information and further pursue the relationship on their own terms.To have a positive speed dating experience, you can prepare ahead of time, know what to expect, and present yourself well to your dates.There’s also the alternative track: a “love marriage,” in which two people meet, fall in love, and marry without any assistance or interference from their families.


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