Quicken app not updating

Brace yourself; there’s a very good chance that your ISP-provided email address ([email protected], or [email protected], for example), won’t work with Windows 8’s Mail app.

Windows 8 supports an up-and-coming email protocol called IMAP, but many Internet service providers — such as Time Warner, Comcast and Fairpoint — only offer email access through a Web browser or through an older email protocol called POP.

Here is a quick rundown of the features and functionality we have within the full platform: Mobile apps, Tablet Apps, Text Banking, Alerts, Bank to Bank Transfers, Bill Pay, Pop Money, My Money (it's like Mint, but without the worry of who has your information), and more.

Plus, it can do everything else your 'run-of-the-mill' Online Banking system can do.

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Ever get the feeling you’re not in control of your finances? By connecting to your banks, we give you a real-time health-check of your personal finances – any time and at your finger tips. Setup budgets, see your balances and view your transactions.

The Windows 8 Mail app integrates with the operating system’s People list and pops up system-wide notifications when you receive new messages; the alternatives don’t. Optionally checking the box will import your Google Calendar and Contacts. Your Gmail account appears in the Mail app, complete with incoming messages from your POP account.

Giving you insights so you can spend & save even smarter.The security of Online Banking rivals that of some of the most secure government facilities.Quicken for Windows is the gold standard in personal finance software and budgeting.Here’s how to read your POP mail in Windows 8, with a helping hand from Gmail. If you don’t have a Gmail account already, head over to mail.and whip one up. Make sure you’re signed into the account to continue. Either click the link in the message, or copy and paste the verification code into the last box. Now you see why I suggested selecting a halfway professional-sounding Gmail account name. You’ll still be receiving the messages sent to your POP account, and your contacts should still be able to receive your messages just fine despite the new Gmail handle.Not all Online Banking platforms were built equally!It remains the app to beat with the most comprehensive features.


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