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And so, perhaps you can imagine Stone co-founder Greg Koch bristling a bit when he reads a piece describing Boston Beer Co.’s new innovation.

“It’s an imaginative retelling of history saying ‘never before has this been attempted,’ which of course causes us to mutter under our breath ‘horseshit,’” said Koch, a figure in the brewing industry not exactly known for an aversion to confrontation, in a phone call to Paste from San Diego.

Early in August, beer publications began to whisper and spread word about a potential new double IPA from Samuel Adams that sounded, let’s just say … The story really broke and received attention earlier this month following a feature in Bost Inno, titled “Sam Adams’ New Double IPA is Making Alcohol Distributors Nervous.” The reason for the supposed anxiety was the fact that this new DIPA, Rebel Raw, was a hop-bombed release with a shorter shelf life, designed to be pulled out of the market after a mere 35 days. How would those distributors get used to such a concept?

Well, presumably they’ll just continue doing exactly what they’ve been doing to distribute the nationally available Stone Enjoy By IPA for the past three years.

“When companies are clearly grasping at straws to try and justify it, it comes off derivative.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but taking credit for something is not cool.” Clearly, a nerve had been struck.

Munich helles lagers are pale to golden in color and range in alcohol from 4.5-5.5%.

"There were five distributors in Boston: They all refused to take my beer.

If you allow the beer to get old, why did you even bother with that?

"Koch made this "commitment to the drinker" upon founding the brewery in 1984, while simultaneously trying to keep the business afloat.

You know, that other DIPA with 35-day freshness dating (now 37 days) that the Bost Inno story somehow forgot to mention, until reader comments forced them to add an update in the middle of the text.

This much can’t really be argued: When it comes to the “super fresh, short shelf-life” DIPA, Stone institutionalized the way to not only put that beer (and it’s an excellent beer) on the shelf nationwide, but to forge the distributor relationships necessary to then reclaim its bottles when the 35 days are up.


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