Sarah mclachlan dating geoff courtnall

Mc Lachlan usually takes most of the summers off to hang out with her daughters, aged 14 and 9. The dates mark Mc Lachlan’s first outdoor shows since the days of Lilith Fair, the all-female travelling music festival she spearheaded in the late ’90s.

Just because a marriage ends in divorce doesn’t mean it’s a complete failure.

The title Shine On is just two words, yet it infers such a positive message of continuous hope. My friend and I were having so many conversations about not only the record, but also the place we were at in our lives. Your music has had a profound affect on many, one being Darryl Mc Daniels of Run-D. C., who was suicidal when he stumbled on your song Angel on his car radio. He bought all of your music and listened to it for a year straight.

I was struggling to find a title — a really positive one. How does it make you feel when you hear how deeply your music resonates for so many? I write from an emotional point of view and it’s quite cathartic for me.

He played for the Bruins from the 1983–84 NHL season to March 8, 1988 when he was traded, along with Bill Ranford to the Edmonton Oilers for Andy Moog.

While in Edmonton, he helped the Oilers win the 1988 Stanley Cup championship.


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